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Ron Sidon (MBA ’68)

Philanthropic Projects and Mentor of Engineering and Business Startups, JSD Inc.

Entrepreneurship: Founding Blade Air – Success Through Schulich-Connected Partnerships

Ron Sidon is an accomplished businessman, engineer and entrepreneur with several inventions and patents to his name. Sidon has a career-long history of volunteering and philanthropy and for giving back to his alma maters, his professions and the community.

Sidon’s five businesses spanned numerous industrial markets. His innovations ranged from the first electronic cream-dispensing machines seen at Tim’s and McDonald’s to an IR tunnel for shrink wrapping cars assembled at GM, to various nuclear handling devices at OPG.

Sidon gives back to his alma maters by fundraising and by mentoring students. He also volunteers his time to many business start-ups and has made extensive contributions internationally. He was the prime donor and volunteer manager of a large water project in Tanzania Africa that supplies water to 3,500 rural residents and worked with the Second Kicks charity to distribute soccer equipment to several Tanzanian villages. Other major philanthropic and volunteer projects include the refurbishment of the CNIB bridge over Bayview Ave. north of Eglinton – which bears his name – and numerous projects for the Tetra Society where he has created many assistive devices for children and adults living with handicaps.

He earned his MBA from Schulich School of Business, York University in 1968 and has a BA Sc, PEng. from the University of Toronto in Industrial Engineering 1966.

His awards include the 2016 University of Toronto Engineering Alumni Hall of Distinction; the 2019 Association of Professional Engineers Citizenship Award, and the 2021 University of Toronto Arbor Award for Volunteer Service.